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True to Form

Dec 22, 2020

Industry insider, Tyler Terry, breaks down powerful ways to shift & adapt your marketing to meet the needs of the modern aesthetic consumer both in & out of the practice, as well as how to leverage technology to deliver the ultimate patient experience.


Dec 17, 2020

Bryan Durocher, Founder of Durocher Enterprises, shares his expert financial tips to plan for success -- including how to maximize cashflow through gift cards & memberships, capitalizing on the retail & e-commerce opportunity, plus the top technology platforms to invest in to boost profitability in...

Dec 9, 2020

Host Tim Sawyer sits down with returning guest and Practice Management Consultant, Terri Ross, who delves into why sales is the lifeblood of building a sustainable business model in elective medicine. Tune in to hear why its all about mindset, and simple, yet powerful changes you can make in your practice to be...